Brad Ball, VP International sales & marketing, GlobalSim said the timing worked out perfectly because normally they wouldn’t bring a Full Mission simulator to a tradeshow because it is too heavy and large to transport but in this case it was on order and the timing of the exhibition occurred one week before the system was due to be installed at the OCHA training center in Antwerp, Belgium.



“The timing is fortunate – it allows our team to demonstrate the system at the TOC conference before testing and commissiong the simulator in Antwerp.” He said. GlobalSim has an increasing number of clients in Europe. Along with the OCHA training center in Antwerp, Belgium, GlobalSim Full Mission systems can be found in Le Havre, France; Duisburg, Germany; Felixstowe, England; and soon to be delivered to Athens, Greece.

It was the first time GlobalSim has demonstrated a full cabin simulator at a commercial conference and the first time such a system has ever been showcased at a European tradeshow. 

“This system is not portable and it takes a considerable amount of planning and effort to transport a full cabin system to a tradeshow on a different continent,” added Ball.   

The company recently announced it has partnered with E1 Limited of Tanzania to deliver a Full Mission and two Entry Level simulators to the Dar es Salaam Maritime Institute of Tanzania and Venegas Construction Corp. of Puerto Rico to deliver a Full Mission simulator for the Autonomous Municipality of Ponce. 

The GlobalSim Full Mission and Entry Level simulators are currently being constructed and tested at GlobalSim headquarters near Salt Lake City, UT. They are scheduled for final testing and installation by late 2022. 

DMI is the leading Centre in Maritime education, training, research, and consultancy in Tanzania. The Institute was established by Act of Parliament No. 22 of 1991 to cater to the greater needs of the Shipping Industry in the region.

The Full Mission simulator heading to Ponce will have interchangeable functionality to train equipment operators on Ship-to-Shore Cranes standard Crane model and Gottwald 360E Mobile Jib Crane model. The system includes a proprietary motion base that will provide accurate full-cab motion and haptics specific to each crane model.