TOC Europe: Dellner Bubenzer 'One Brake, One Buel'

24 June 2022

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Dellner Bubenzer was proud to showcase its latest brand series Buel H, at TOC Europe in Rotterdam recently, designed for wheel brakes on rail mounted cranes, where high pulling forces for mechanical wheel brakes are required.

Buel H simplifies and streamlines Dellner Bubenzer’s family of SB Brakes with a single Buel specifically engineered to suit a customer’s braking system. It includes the SB16+ Buel H1; SB23.3+ Buel H3 and SB28.5+ Buel H5 braking systems for the safest crane operations worldwide.

Here to tell us more is Joel Cox, MD – Sales | Global Sales Director (Americas) Dellner Bubenzer, USA, and Jan-Willem Schoneveld, MD, Dellner Bubenzer, Germany, live from the tradeshow.

“We are excited about the new brakes, and the Buel design we’re showcasing here. We are promoting the fact that we have narrowed the sizes of the Buels’ down, to three sizes, from the three frame sizes, which is going to be a gamechanger in the industry, allowing customers to consolidate their sizes down, to one per unit. This is going to be something that is really instrumental in our growth, and helping our customers have commonality in the industry,” explains Cox.

Schoneveld adds: “We are doing a few new things that are exciting for this market; one brake, one Buel, means we have a standardization in the company and we are available to answer customer’s requests more rapidly.”

The company also promoted its KFB motor mounted brakes at the show, which is a spring applied safety brake, mainly used in gantry, trolley and hoisting application on harbour crane systems, in dynamic and static use at general industrial applications, in mechanical engineering, steel mills, coal mining or wind energy systems.