The set includes the company’s existing Panther T29-12 remote control and R23 receiver products, which come pre-wired from the factory for plug and play installation. Tele Radio says this feature “greatly reduces installation time, providing valuable efficiency”, and that both the transmitter and receiver have “a proven track record in high-risk work environments, making them highly suitable for lifting and hoisting operations involving hoists/winches, overhead cranes, gantry cranes, and similar equipment”.

The set offering a certified stop function, adheres to the EN 13849-1:2015 PLd/Cat3 standard, and has received external certification from a recognised independent testing institute in accordance with European Union guidelines.

The Panther remote control transmitter operates on the globally compatible 2.4GHz frequency and has a range of up to 700m. It comes with 12 push buttons, enabling control of up to 24 different functions. The transmitter is also equipped with a rechargeable Li-ion battery that offers over 150 consecutive hours of usage. Additionally, the transmitter can be customised to meet specific user requirements. It boasts an IP65 degree of protection. The foil with symbols can be tailored to match the user’s branding.

The pre-wired version of the R23 receiver comes from the factory with wiring already in place for many standard applications and as standard with 15 relays. The non-pre-wired version is a modular unit that can be expanded, including with extra relays, support for various fieldbus protocols, additional inputs, analogue outputs, and the option of an external antenna.

“The combination of the R23 receiver with the Panther T29-12 transmitter creates an ideal set that saves time and money without compromising on quality and safety,” said Tele Radio.

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