Through the system, LEEA aims to answer any question within 48 hours. The organisation has been fine-tuning the system to better monitor and control the technical support it provides to members.

As well as answering its members’ questions, LEEA is also using the Technical Triage to monitor industry issues and identify training requirements and shortfalls in standards, legislation, LEEA Guidance and industrial practices, and subsequently work on improvements.

The organisation also highlighted the Triage will maintain a single LEEA interpretation of legislation, standards and industrial best practice, while enabling its team to focus technical resources on the critical problems.

“To gain a more accurate picture of industry issues we need all members to use the Technical Triage system,” said Ben Dobbs, head of technical services at LEEA. “We encourage members to send all technical queries in by email to as the first port of call for the Triage system. This is vital for members seeking answers to their questions, because LEEA cannot support advice and guidance if the question is not logged in the Triage system.”