The crane has a span of 8m and almost 4m of lift, and was installed at the tool shop of the car manufacturer’s site, where Pelloby previously also installed a 35t crane.

As with standard semi-portal cranes, the horizontal beam is supported by one building mounted gantry rail and one travelling upright column, incorporated into the design of the crane. More unusually, the the travelling upright column runs off a rail or track on the factory floor, on Vulkollan tyred wheels.

This enables the crane to run the full length of the 22.5m wall-mounted gantry beam while eliminating the need for the floor rail, which can be a trip hazard, says Pelloby.

Further safety features on Pelloby’s semi-portal cranes include a fully-programmable laser scanner at the base of the travelling column, which causes it to automatically stop if a person or object is detected in the pre-specified detection area, thereby preventing collisions.

The crane also features an audible beacon and flashing light, which are triggered when the crane is in motion, to alert operators in the vicinity.

Emergency stop buttons are also included and easily-accessible, to enable operators to shut down the power to the crane if necessary.