Taking flight in Macau

1 March 2011

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The thirty eight electric chain hoists were each fitted with encoders and secondary brakes and certified to BGV D8+ (safe to suspend loads above people without the requirement for secondary safety devices). Control was via a Niscon, Raynok motion control system. “The hoists were integral to the theatre set up and are utilised now the show is running, enabling safe and reliable positioning of trusses and machinery in this unique theatre environment” says Tony Dickson of Hoist UK.

Additionally Hoist UK designed and supplied two man riding, moving platforms complete with a track system used to move performers over the world’s largest commercial swimming pool, as well as fabricating some large custom curved aluminium trusses.

The moving platforms are used to transport up to twenty performers at a time at a height of 36m above the audience from the fly floor to a position where they access another spectacular effect high above the pool. Each 5.6m and 4.3m platforms were smoothly driven along their aluminium tracks by variable speed trolley units and controlled through the Hoist UK controllers mounted on the fly floor.

Hoist UK’s Paul Jordan said, “This is exactly the type of project we specialise in, this system was particularly challenging in that the platform had to be strong, lightweight, smooth running and absolutely quiet as it was to be used during the performance, added to this was the fact that we had to certify the same for manriding”.