The new balancer, called the Movester, is being marketed towards assembly and joining processes as it is capable of ergonomically lifting loads of 350kg, without any sudden stops or starts, said SWF Krantechnik.

In the design of the Movester, the firm has included a system to prevent the load from dropping if there is a loss in air pressure. Engineers have also ensured that the balancer works without power for higher operating safety.

The new air balancer joins the Lightster modular kit, in the light crane system range, and the Crabster winch, in the electric wire rope hoist range. The company offers a telediagnosis service for all its ranges, in addition to technical training at its training facility in Mannheim, Germany.

Just last month, the company announced it was giving a facelift to its Nova NB to ND series electric wire rope hoists, which from June will be equipped with three-piece cover plates to allow easier access to maintenance staff.