Siem Offshore Contractors used the Ampelmann system to safely perform over 12,000 people transfers and 7,000 cargo transfers between an offshore support vessel and the turbines at the windfarm.

The system, which features a 30m gangway, was installed on the Siem Marlin offshore support vessel to transfer people and cargo to the turbines to conduct maintenance. It provides a safe passage due to its ability to compensate for vessel movements caused by wind, waves and currents. By inserting four manual pins, the telescopic gangway can then be transformed into a fixed crane boom for fully motion compensation cargo transfers, of up to 1t.

The project has proved a success, with Siem extending its contract with Ampelmann.

Steven Vis, operations engineer at Ampelmann, said: “This new contract underlines the successful partnership between all parties in delivering innovation. By providing new solutions to cargo-handling, Ampelmann has demonstrated the versatility of our E-type system.

“During this project, we came up with a solution to further increase operational efficiencies. The manual pins were replaced by hydraulic pin pushers which reduced the change-over time from people to cargo mode from ten to five minutes. The E1000 was then able to transfer both people and cargo within 20 minutes.”

Jan Holtermann, IMR manager at Siem Offshore Contractors, said: “The co-operation between the Ampelmann operators, service technician and the marine crew of our vessel are the key for success. We are looking forward to using the E1000 on our vessels for further inspection, maintenance and repair works on the offshore windfarms.”