Spanco Inc., a major manufacturer of jibs, gantries, workstations and rigid track fall protection systems, plans to unveil a range of products at booth 2536, “including two that we are especially proud of,” said the Morgantown, Pennsylvania-based firm.

The so-called Lift Boss Wire Rope Hoist, and the Beam Boss Beam Tractor Drive, are both part of its new Boss Line of products.

The Lift Boss Wire Rope Hoist (its first ever wire rope hoist) will be available in 3 or 5 US ton capacity. Designed for Class C service, the hoist will come with 20 or 30ft lift capability, 15 FPM lift speed, and a four-pull hook load block. Outfitted with a worm gear reducer drive, the hoist travels on forged steel heat treated crown treads, designed to accommodate 4-8.05in flanges.

The Beam Boss Beam Tractor Drive, meanwhile, “will bring motorized power to your bridge crane or trolley hoist.” The “facility workhorse,” as Spanco referred to it, is available in three standard speeds with a raft of optional features.

Primarily designed for indoor service, it can run on an I-beam or wide flange beam with lower flange from 3 1/4-8 1/2in with a 1in thick max.

Optional features include explosion proof controls, spark resistant wheels, soft start, variable frequency drives, “and many more.”

Spanco also plans to display its retrofit jib drive, aluminum gantry crane, articulating jib crane, workstation bridge crane (consisting of one ALU-track bridge, and one trussed telescoping plain track bridge), stainless steel wall cantilever jib, and 500 series end trucks and hoist trolley.

Additionally, Spanco will open a new west coast manufacturing facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, in March. The new facility will allow Spanco to provide “better service and faster delivery to our valuable customers on the west coast,” it said.

More news to follow…