Sick launches new sensor solution

6 March 2009

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Sick (UK) Ltd’s new DT50 laser measurement sensor has been designed to eliminate the problems of set up time and working in changing conditions experienced with other sensors in its price range.

Sick says the DT50 offers negligible black/white shift difference and is competent working on reflective surfaces. It has a stated immunity of 40,000 lux, which Sick says makes it suited for locations as diverse as poorly lit warehouses to exterior, floodlit site applications. The DT50 has an operating temperature range of -30°C to 65°C, meaning it can be used in environments as wide ranging as cold stores and ports, or steel mills.

Intuitive set up and a key operated menu that can be navigated without the operating manual give the sensor a user0friendly interface, according to Sick.

“The new compact DT50 [achieves] a step change in laser sensing technology for a product in this class and [achieves] high performance, even in conditions that would confuse most high-end sensors,” said Sick product manager Darren Pratt.

The Sick DT50 laser measurement sensor The Sick DT50 laser measurement sensor