Seven-crane deal for Brazilian shipyard

4 September 2012

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Engineering consultant Ecovix has purchased seven custom EOT cranes at a cost of USD 4.6M for use at its shipyard in the Port of Rio Grande, Brazil.

Two of the largest cranes supplied by Anupam Industries, each a double girder crane featuring two 75t hoists on the upper trolley and a single 75t hoist on the lower trolley, will be used to assist in the operation of ship panel lines and allow for 180° rotation of loads.

Anupam designed the cranes so that the two 75t hoists on the upper trolley are suspended from either end of the trolley, which overhangs the box girders to allow operation either side of the bridge.

This allows the lower trolley to move along the 46.5m span bridge, free of obstruction, underneath the upper trolley, enabling the crane to rotate loads through 180° while they are being lifted.

The remainder of the order consisted of two 26t EOT cranes, spanning 45m and featuring rotating spreader beams, and three 21t capacity 30m-span cranes with fixed lifting beams, of which two are gantry cranes and the other is an EOT crane.

All cranes supplied include programmable logic controllers, inverter-controlled drives, anti-sway technology, radio remote control and permanent magnets for handling steel plates.

Ecovix specialises in infrastructure, shipbuilding and offshore engineering and recently took delivery of a 2,000t goliath gantry crane for work constructing eight floating platform storage and offloading (FPSO) hulls for Brazilian energy giant Petrobras.