German heavy lift and logistics contractor, Schmidbauer, has strengthened its heavy lift fleet with the addition of an Enerpac SBL600 hydraulic gantry. The gantry will play a key role in the company’s handling of almost 50,000 tons of cable for the SuedOstLink power infrastructure project.

The SuedOstLink will be one of the main power lines for the supply of green electricity generated in Mecklenburg–Western Pomerania, North-East Germany to Bavaria in the south.

Schmidbauer is responsible for coordinating the handling and storage of around 520 cable drums each weighing 95 tons over the next four years. Deployed to various sites throughout Germany, the Enerpac SBL600 will be used to lift and hold a cable reel delivered by a long lowbed trailer before lowering it on to a SPMT for delivery to site to the final cable installation point. The gantry’s side shift allows efficient handling of reels, with empty reels returning from site lifted and lowered to the ground before reloading the SPMT with a full cable reel.

The Enerpac SBL600 is Schmidbauer’s first hydraulic gantry.

“The SBL600 is ideal for the cable reel handling project, and we were especially attracted by the ease of deploying the gantry to site. We’ve invested in six, hard top, standard 20m containers which will allow us to easily transport the SBL600 by road, rail and sea to projects worldwide,” said Philipp Verges, sales manager Global Projects, Schmidbauer Group.

The Enerpac SBL600 hydraulic gantry has a lifting capacity of 612 metric tons and maximum lifting height of 10.6m.

Schmidbauer has opted for the Enerpac electric powered, header beam side shift units that will allow the company’s project team to customise the ‘below the hook’ distance to suit header beam dimensions and project requirements. In this way, the space requirements above the header beam can be reduced to increase the available lifting distance below the header beam. Controls for the electric side shift are integrated within the gantry base units and wireless control system.

The SBL600 foldable boom allowing transportation on standard flatbed trucks. Its design is optimised for ease of transportation, significantly reducing the cost of deployment and set-up for this class of gantry.