Called the Easy Guide System, it offers a standardised guide system for cable carriers and is particularly suited to trolley power supply and extended travel lengths of cranes, as well as for other applications involving complete cranes and crane sets, and smaller process cranes.

The system is designed to be space-saving, as well as offering simple and fast installation with few components. It can be installed vertically and also horizontally, and remains flexibly adjustable even after installation is complete. Galvanised and stainless steel versions are available, and an optional roof provides protection against climbing and weather, as well as preventing the cable carrier from falling out or being damaged. 

The Easy Guide System is suitable for all I-beams and box girders, and includes mounting holes for the cable carrier and cable ducts every 850mm. Tsubaki Kabelschlepp provides the same installation bracket for different channel sizes and cable carrier types, and permanently-installed cables can be mounted behind the channel, directly on the bracket, eliminating the need for additional cable conduits.

Peter Sebastian Pütz, head of crane business at the company, says: “The focus is on a long service life and uninterrupted availability at maximum load. For the development of our new channel system, we placed a special focus on the requirements of standard cranes.”