Sapsis's divine ascension

26 June 2012

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Sapsis supplied more than a dozen chain hoists for the New York Philharmonic’s free concert at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in Manhattan, US.

Sapsis Rigging used the hoists to lift the lighting and the rows of flags that hang in the nave. The company also provided the 2,500sq ft stage in front of the high altar for the Philharmonic.

Bill Sapsis, president of Sapsis Rigging, said, "The original designers of the cathedral, back in the late 1800s, didn't know that we would hang things in the church, of course, so they didn't design any hanging points."

Sapsis Rigging has previously supplied rigging for the event, he said. "We've done this event for as long as I can remember and we know the loading capacity better than anyone."

"Hanging equipment in a church, especially a place like St. John's, requires an eye for the visual, something you don't always need in a more conventional setting. We do our best to create an atmosphere that complements the cathedral's aesthetics," he concluded.