Unlike traditional products, which use large-grain silica to thicken the resin, the polyester fibres of the socketing resin suspend within the mixed resin and provide a homogenous (consistent) resin cone from top to bottom. 

The consistency of the resin cone prevents the formation of surface cracking once the resin is hardened. The formula is free of dry powders to eliminate health hazards associated with airborne dry powders and is developed to ensure the resin flows easily and can optimally penetrate the bottom of the socket. This will result in a very smooth resin cone, leaving the end user with no doubts about the socket termination’s high quality.

Socket Lock Socketing Resin is type approved by ABS and DNV and has been static break load tested to ensure high quality and comply with safety standards.

The product is shipped in specially designed containers, which ensure no contaminations can occur during transport or storage. All Socket Lock Socketing Resin are equipped with the necessary tools for mixing and pouring the resin. 

Socket Lock Socketing Resin is now available from stock at Royal Van Beest (Green Pin) and can be ordered in kit sizes of 250, 500, 1000 and 2000 cc.