US component manufacturer JC Renfroe has launched a line of newly-designed sheaves, hook blocks and swivels called RenfroeToo.

The company claims the products are lighter and slip less than cast or forged sheaves. The company makes the sheaves in two ways. Model A sheaves, which have an outer diameter 8in to 23in (200mm-584mm), have cold-rolled profiles. The hub is pressed into place and welded.

Model C sheaves, whose outside diameters range from 15in to more than 200in (381mm-5,080mm) are manufactured by curving and forming rolled steel into a wire rope groove, and then the rim is assembled with two steel plates and a hub and welded together.

Both have Brinell hardness numbers of between 200-250HB.

The company has also launched a range of swivels with eye, hook and jaw terminations. It also makes single and double-sheave crane blocks with capacities from 2-30 US tons (1.8t-26t).