The Dutch company has also introduced a new patented invention, the Rema DG10 Drum Grab, an easy-to-use, portable and serviceable clamp that is claimed to make "most of the similar products on the market redundant".

According to the Maastricht-based business, the Drum Grab is self-centering and keeps hold of the drum under any circumstances, which is enabled by the resilient pressure on the chemical resistant polyurethane spring.

Jo Dullens, chief executive of Rema, said: "It is a product that is creative in itself, aimed for a lot of industrial markets. The design makes for a safe, easy and quick way of lifting and lowering 220 litre drums in horizontal or vertical position, to just about any lifting device.

"The Drum Grab is also perfect for extracting a drum from the centre of a group. No more wrestling drums out of the way to get to the one you want. Last but not least, we designed it under our own Rema brand, which is one of the pillars of our company."

Dullens expects the new Drum Grab to be a success for the business that has enjoyed success in recent years.

"A strong local presence in Europe, a twin focus on customer service and innovation together with strong efforts in quality control and quality assurance make all the difference," she says.

Dullens adds: "The European Union continues to face an uncertain future and we changed our strategy in time to cope with this.

"Our focus lies more and more on designing our own products, combined with personalized and efficient service from our experienced and dynamic team, creating the added value and competitive edge that is badly needed in the current market situation."