The 1,000kg models are a recent addition to Reid’s Porta-Gantry Rapide range.

David Underhill, business development manager at Reid, said: “The 1,000kg Rapide expands on an already renowned range, which brought a new level of portability and ease of assembly to the gantry crane market when it was introduced back in 2011. We have been finalising the design of the new version over a long period of time prior to its much-anticipated LiftEx launch, where it was well received by the marketplace. Full production began in January [2019].”

The Rapide is both goods and personnel rated, increasing the system’s versatility, and is well-suited to the rigours of the hire market, says Reid.

The order will expand Speedy’s fleet of Reid cranes, with the rental company having placed an order at the start of 2019 for 40 Tall Porta-Gantry cranes, 30 2,000kg-capacity Intermediate Porta-Gantry systems, and five 5,000kg Porta-Gantry systems. The new order of 20 1,000kg-capacity units will include a combination of the three height and three length options.

Tom Patterson, supply chain manager at Speedy, said: “We’ve experienced the benefits of other products in the Reid range of lightweight gantry cranes and, as we continue to invest in the volume of innovative assets in this category, we’re pleased to offer our customers the option of the new 1,000kg capacity Porta-Gantry Rapide. The product boasts a number of features that will appeal to our customers and their varied applications.”