This is a 12% increase on the number of participants that sat the exam in 2008, with examinations taking place in 34 countries around the world.

“Across the world, a growing number of companies are recognising the value of the Diploma examination programme in improving the skills of their staff and the commercial appeal of their service offering,” said Geoff Holden, chief executive of LEEA.

“Customers are increasingly looking for clear evidence that engineers intending to test, examine or maintain lifting equipment can provide independent evidence of their competence. The Diploma quite simply represents the most credible means of doing so.”

Holden added: “The rise in participation in the exams also reflects the international growth in LEEA membership and our determination to make the training portfolio more accessible.”

LEEA has already taken steps to recognised its increasingly international membership, including making its on-site training courses that provide theoretical and practical skills for the inspection of overhead lifting equipment available worldwide.