Siemens AG has ordered 32 Industrial Cranes from KCI Konecranes for Middle Eastern operations.

Eighteen cranes and a 200t lifting beam are for the Al Ezzel power plant in Bahrain and 14 cranes are for the Ras Laffan power plant in Qatar.

Siemens also ordered from KCI Konecranes a 180t Turbine Hall Crane for its Greenfield coal fired power plant project in Kogan Creek, near Brisbane, in Australia.

Lurgi Lentjes AG in Düsseldorf, Germany, placed an order for a 130t Powerhouse crane from KCI Konecranes, to be used for erection and maintenance of the gas turbine at the RWE power plant project VGT Weissweiler.

Rocksavage Power Company of the UK ordered an 80t Goliath crane from KCI Konecranes. It will run on an outdoor elevated runway alongside a previously delivered 125t Konecranes Goliath crane for its power plant near Liverpool.

Pec Tech Indonesia has ordered two units of 100-ton production cranes for its paper mill operation in Kerinci, Sumatra, Indonesia, from KCI Konecranes.

A 100t overhead crane was shipped in April to Beaconcour Dam in Quebec. The 77 span crane will be used to remove and replace turbine generators.

Kaverit Steel and Crane were selected to supply and install a 50t overhead crane for Albian’s truck maintenance shop expansion in Fort McMurray Alberta.

Several recent new order bookings have created a strong production backlog at Overhead Crane Ltd, a division of Morris/P&H, in Burlington, ONT Canada.

Overhead Crane will design and build two engineered top-running double-girder overhead cranes over the next few months for Temlam. This order includes a 10t capacity crane for billet handling and a15t capacity crane for bundle handling. Each crane will have two hoists and trolleys and will ship in August and September to its Northern Ontario facility.

Kaverit will be shipping a 20t Morris/P&H overhead crane to Varsteel Inc, in August 2005. The 88 span crane will be used in the steel yard at their Nisku Alberta facility and will be equipped with P&H Spectrum Series Hoists.

Huizhou Hydro PSP ordered six Process Cranes for its pump storage power plant located in Huizhou City, in southern China, from KCI Konecranes.

Bechtel Corporation ordered a Coke Handling Bucket Crane for the Conoco Phillips Refinery, in Borger, Texas, USA, from KCI Konecranes.

Stomana Steel of Bulgaria ordered three Process Cranes to be used for Steel Billet Handling from KCI Konecranes.

Corus of UK ordered a semi automated, semi-goliath crane for Hartlepool steel works from KCI Konecranes. It will be used to handle plate steel on a vacuum beam into an automated plate cutting system.

Krupp Stainless placed a repeat order from KCI Konecranes for the delivery of three Process Cranes to be used for steel coil handling at their plant in Shanghai.

Aker Kvaerner, of Santiago, Chile, ordered eight Process Cranes from KCI Konecranes for their San Cristobal Silver Mine, in southern Bolivia.

Toyota of Argentina ordered a heavy-duty process crane for their stamping plant near Buenos Aires from KCI Konecranes.

Takenaka ordered five stamping plant cranes for Toyota Toyotomi and Toyota Boschoku, in Valencienne, France, from KCI Konecranes.

Wallbridge Aldinger/Barlett Cocke ordered four Heavy Duty process cranes from KCI Konecranes. They will be used in manufacturing and for automotive die handling.

It also ordered five special wall travelling jib cranes from KCI Konecranes for tool maintenance at the new Toyota automotive manufacturing plant, in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Inova ordered two waste for energy cranes and one slag handling crane from KCI Konecranes for a refuse handling plant, in Dunkerque, France.