Liebherr-MMCtec Rostock, working with Aibel AS—the company responsible for building the DolWin epsilon offshore platform for client TenneT TSO—signed a contract for delivery of the cylinder-luffing crane, which will be used for supply and maintenance tasks on the platform in the German North Sea.

Liebherr will work closely with Aibel AS until the crane is delivered, in the middle of 2021. Once installed, it will be operated by TenneT.

The RL-2600-35 is a weight-optimised and compactly-designed offshore crane, says Liebherr. It is ideally suited to small platforms, where space is limited. It features a box boom with a maximum working outreach of 52m and maximum lifting capacity of 35t.

“With the RL 2600-35 Lit we are delivering the latest innovation within our offshore crane portfolio. The crane is ready to be equipped with innovative maintenance features to meet the demanding requirements of normally unmanned offshore platforms and with its reliable and maintenance friendly design the RL 2600-35 Lit will help to lead the DolWin5 project to success”, says Matti Basan, sales manager for offshore cranes at Liebherr.

Liebherr has already delivered 13 RL cranes to TenneT: various sizes were requested, from the RL 850 and the RL 1500, to the RL 2650, which offers a possible maximum lifting capacity of up to 60t. All of these cranes are installed on offshore platforms necessary for the operation of offshore wind farms.