Lifting Gear Hire (LGH) offers a raft of rental of hoisting and rigging equipment from 20 locations in the US and supported by 45 of its rental representatives nationwide.

"The LGH team shares a common purpose to serve our customers with passion, motivation, and dedication, as we continually work together to exceed all expectations," the company explains.

According to the manufacturer, they can provide, for rent, hoisting, pulling, jacking and rigging, safety and material handling equipment for every "conceivable lifting or moving need".

LGH offers training to all of its employees to improve safety and training skills in line with specific safety requirements, as well as to promote the effective and safe use of our lifting and moving equipment.

"To test our equipment, LGH has a 125,000 lb Dynamic Vertical Proof testing machine capable of dual load range testing as well as a 72 feet long, 300,000 lb Dynamic Horizontal Proof testing machine that has fixtures for winch mounting and is fully equipped with a computer installed with data test software," they explain.

Headed up Tony Fiscelli, who has been president at LGH since 2009, the business is complemented by a team that includes Thomas Beasley, business support manager and Dan Pittman, who is business sales manager at the firm.

LGH has recently added new items to its ever expanding product line including the SHB Ultra-Low Headroom Trolley Hoist, and Model AM Chester Hoist. As well as an expanding product portfolio, the company has carried out a number of projects across the US in recent months. One of which is detailed below.

Case study

setting: Two Refinery Cooling Tower Unit Sections. At BMWC Constructors, Inc. Sets two refinery cooling tower unit sections in a working refinery with rented modular spreader beams from Lifting Gear Hire (LGH) the Project: BMWC Constructors, Inc.

(BMWC) was tasked to perform the setting of (2) 15′ x 52′ cooling tower unit sections within an active, working refinery. While being responsible for the coordination of a 550-ton crane, submitting an engineer lift plan for approval, as well as the site prep work needed to meet the project soil compaction requirements, BMWC was also responsible for the removal of the HVAC/scrubber units. BMWC ironworkers, carpenters, labourers and operators worked together to complete the project, while turning to Lifting Gear Hire for expertise in developing a lift plan and for supplying the appropriately sized, tested and certified lift equipment.

The Lifting Challenge: This project was a critical lift inside of an active refinery. The work had to be complete while the refinery day-to-day operations were still in effect without disruption and within a tight schedule. Lifting Gear Hire (LGH) and Industrial Training Institute (ITI) present Innovation and Complex Lifting Solutions with Modular Spreader Beams Webinar with BMWC Constructors and Clausen Structures.

The Lifting solution: Lifting Gear Hire provided the correct design configuration of the rigging and modular spreader beams to the structural engineer to create the critical lift plan.

The Outcome: This complete scope of work was completed in one week with the critical lift taking place over a weekend. It was completed without incident, and it was completed on schedule and under budget