There are four models in the SR-S series, the 125, 160, 200 and 315. The numbers refer to the wheel diameter in millimetres; in the US – they measure 4 15/16in, 6 5/16in, 7 7/8in and 12 3/8in. Their maximum wheel loads are 5, 7, 10 and 22t.

The wheel block can be unbolted to change wheel bushings or the wheel itself, without needing to remove the entire block from the crane.

The wheel block has many different prepared mounting surfaces. It can be bolted end-to-end using an extra connecting flange; welded end-to-end; pinned end-to-end using an extra connecting flange welded to a beam; bolted to the top; and pinned end-to-end inside a hollow rail profile.

The wheel is made of spheroidal graphite cast iron EN-GS-700 and self-lubricates. Roller bearings are maintenance-free. An optional set of guide rollers can help reduce skew.