Engineers at the German crane firm’s Dubai subsidiary planned the crane systems in cooperation with the architects and were able to compete with international competition. “The quality of the German components, the versatile solutions and the cost advantages afforded by local manufacture in Dubai were the crucial factors for the customer’s decision,” said Viswanathan Raman, R Stahl’s general manager in Dubai.

Stahl’s Dubai partner Fabtech manufactured the 8.75m span double girders, themselves weighing 3t, for the 7.5t capacity cranes. Lift height is 6m. Both cranes travel the full length of the building: one travels 100m and the other travels 50m.

On the customer’s request, maintenance platforms were built along the crane bridges, so that inspections and maintenance can be performed easily and safely. All motors are equipped with dual speeds and temperature control.

At the heart of the cranes are the electric wire rope hoists from Stahl’s SH series. Two 3m FEM classified SH 60 hoists were used. The low-maintenance gears, electronic motor management and oversized brakes guarantee maximum availability and minimum wear.

The motors are designed for at least a 60% duty cycle. The robust cast metal rope guides are particularly wear-resistant. The hoists’ true vertical lift design provides maximum convenience: the drums are equipped with two wire ropes so that the hook does not move horizontally when the loads are lifted and lowered. The cranes are operated with HBC radio remote controls.