The Star VFD hoist stops without ramp-down immediately after the control button is released, allowing the operator to lift or lower to the desired level in one movement, says Liftket; it does not necessitate the time-consuming stop-and-go process that is still a common method of positioning loads with increased precision.

The new series of hoists includes capacities from 125kg to 2,000kg, with nominal speeds of up to 36m/min depending on the load, making the hoists much faster than comparable products, adds Liftket. Moving with no load, they can be operated at up to 200% of the nominal speed. Furthermore, hoists are mostly operated under partial load, and the speed of the Star VFD can be increased accordingly when the nominal speed is not fully utilised.

The variable-frequency drive was specifically designed for the application in cooperation with an international drive manufacturer, and the hoist is suitable for worldwide use, with all components manufactured and tested at Liftket’s German headquarters.