KabelSchlepp has launched a range of extruded thermoplastic cable carrier systems which it describes as ‘revolutionary’.

Most cable carriers, such as those offered by Igus for example, consist of articulating chain links. KableSchlepp’s new range, called Quantum, is a single polypropylene extrusion, making it about half the weight of chain link type carriers, the manufacturer claims.

It also promises “near-silent, vibration-free running with high speed, long life operation”.

Quantum carriers have cuts and slots in the side bands to allow them to bend. Built-in steel wires give the bands strength while maintaining their flexibility.

Eliminating moving parts reduces vibration as well as the opportunity for failure, KabelSchlepp says. Quantum will have particular value in applications which put a premium on silent running, the manufacturer believes. It is also suitable for clean room applications as the absence of any sliding surfaces ensures no wear and so no abrasion debris.