Swedish manufacturer Pronomic has launched a vacuum lifter controlled by a variable-frequency drive. The company claims that the drive makes it easier to adjust the device’s lifting force.

The lifter hangs off a standard factory crane and is intended for repetitive lifting of loads ranging from 35kg (77 lb) to 110kg (243 lb). There are five models with lifting capacities of 35kg, 45kg, 65kg, 85kg and 110kg.

Three pumps are available: 2.2kW (3HP) without frequency control, 2.2kW with frequency control, and 4kW (5.4HP) with frequency control. A version with an ATEX-approved vacuum pump is an option, said product manager Peter Widman.

About 100 units have been sold since the product was launched in March. It will be available in the US through Charlotte, North Carolina dealer Roni.

The company also makes jib cranes, forklifts and the Vacuhand range of lifters.