The Global Lifting Awareness Day #GLAD2020 is about creating a focal point where the industry can come together and generate increased awareness of the industry.

Those of us working in the industry know the central part it plays in everyday life across the world.  But because we are in the background, we are often in the shadows.

We can all agree that our industry underpins our way of life. Because of us, the world can lift, shift, heft, build, transport, harvest, discover, remove. And as the world develops further and we do all of these things to an even greater extent – our industry is breaking through more and more barriers.

So we have four main targets for #GLAD2020 on July 9th.  We aim to:

  1. Make the day about attracting the next generation of recruits into our sector. We want to show them what an incredible sector this is.
  2. Remind end users of how important it is to use high quality suppliers who utilise years of experience and high-quality training, and who routinely develop innovative and thoughtful solutions.
  3. Ask policymakers for support and recognition for the role we play.
  4. Celebrate the incredible role our industry already has, and continues to play during Covid-19/Coronavirus.

The GLAD logo can be downloaded at and both Think Lifting Films can now be downloaded at: and

These films are completely free to use and no permission is needed. They can be uploaded to websites or social media.

We are encouraging companies and individuals to record themselves in front of their corporate logos in 60 second videos. They might introduce themselves, their company, where they are and what they do.

They might also say what they’re GLAD about – this might be the places the industry has taken them, the skills they have learned, the people they have met, the standards that underpin what we do.  These could then be shared across social media platforms, ideally with the #GLAD2020 being used.

Even in this most peculiar and difficult time the Lifting Industry has much of which it can be extremely proud. By coming together on July 9th our brilliant, diverse,innovative sector can invest in its collective future.