The dual cam action of the actuating arms self adjust to securely fit any 8-inch pipe, no matter what the outside diameter, without the need for liners – be it steel, ductile iron, clay or cement coated pipe. Additionally, the product safely cradles and lifts any cylindrical object such as billets and ordinance.

The Versa Tong, as it will be marketed, firmly grips a section of pipe from the top to just below center line. Even if hoisted off centre Versa Tong said there is no lateral slipping because the width of the actuating arms and a two to one grip pressure securely holds the pipe.

When safely grounded the actuating arms open automatically, a lock lever engages and the hoist operator can move it on to the next section of pipe.

The Versa Tong is cast with A356SR-T6 heat treated aircraft grade aluminum with a maximum lift rating of 3,000lbs. It is capable of lifting outside diameters ranging from 8.50 to 10.125 inches without the use of liners.

The product is already available in the 8-inch size, with 6- and 12-inch units available by the end of the year. In the future, said the manufacturer, extra large specialty sizes from 18 inches and up will be custom fabricated from hi-tensile plate steel.

Versa Tong has filed for a US patent.