National Steel Corp of Mindanao, the major supplier of steel coils and plates in the Philippines has bought four Shuttlelift ISL50 100,000lb (45.3t) industrial gantry cranes and experienced an upswing in productivity from when it relied on fork-lifts for materials handling.

The cranes have been specified with a magnetic attachment and an on-board generator to handle the transportation of billets unloaded from flatbeds.

A patented pivot trunnion is incorporated to allow the rigid beam frame to flex during operation over uneven terrain, tracks, soft ground and potholes. To cope with these kinds of conditions, the ISL50s are also fitted with Michelin steel-belted radial wide-base tyres.

The ISL50s are equipped with direct-gear-drive hydraulic planetary hoists that enable fast two-speed lifting without hoist chains. The gantries are also equipped with a raised operator’s cab that provides visibility in all directions, and the presence of an in-cab load weight indicator provides a method for balancing each load.

Maintenance requirements are facilitated with a low-mounted service compartment that eliminates unnecessary climbing to refuel or reach service items. The hydraulic tubing is made from stainless steel to ensure long life and partial heat dissipation.