The majority of the lifting systems on site are post jib cranes in Pelloby’s classic red and green colours. Located at various points throughout the HL Smith workshops, these jibs range in safe working capacity from 125-500kg.

Many of the jib cranes are positioned above or directly alongside individual workstations and feature manual slewing designs, allowing their manufacturing team to easily operate them by hand on a daily basis. This gives each member of staff instant lifting access while working on HL Smith’s various propshafts, manual and auto gearboxes, driveheads and other products.

In addition to the jibs Pelloby has also supplied HL Smith with various goal post mounted monorail cranes and manual overhead cranes for lifting bulky items between workstations and on to trolleys to be moved to other sections of the facility.

Pelloby has also provided servicing support for the site since the first cranes were installed back in the early 1990s, covering everything from ongoing maintenance through to refurbishment and modernisation work to ensure the cranes are both safe for use and able to accommodate HL Smith’s evolving operational requirements.