The facility required the new crane to assist with the injection moulding processes, which takes place at the Birmingham site along with roll forming, heat treatment and product assembly. To produce various components including doors and exterior trims, Dura needed a lifting system that could handle up to 20t of heavy-duty materials.

Pelloby was tasked with designing a crane that could serve all of Dura’s injection moulding machines, while also improving operational efficiency. The company supplied 20t electric overhead travelling crane with double-girder design, and a span of 16.3m that allowed the crane to straddle the series of injection moulding machines in the factory bay.

In order to reach the workstations, Pelloby also manufactured and installed 51m of freestanding gantry steelwork.

A wire rope crab unit is fitted between the two girders, and can traverse the beams freely with dual-speed options to suit different lifting operations. A compact design with a total height of 5m maximized space between the crane and the top of each machine.