The business, which is located in Zhangjiakou city, Hebei province of China, 180km east from Beijing, focuses on the provision of on-site training and "expertise knowledge in assembling".

Since moving into the Zhangjiakou Industrial Cluster Zone in 2013, PCC has an annual capacity of 30,000t of various industrial chains, a 68,000m2 construction area and 300 units of advanced processing and testing machines.

The company explains: "PCC keeps innovating all the time, now their product range covers 10 series and 500 varieties, from 6mm to 90mm, grade 60, 80, 100 to 120, mining chain, lifting chain, fishing chain, steel rope, textile sling and lifting tool and accessories.

"Our main growth areas are providing personalized lifting solution to meet any special requirement. Developing varieties of Grade 100, 120 chain and associated facilities are additional growth points."

Speaking to Hoist, PCC says that the supply of small size lifting chains in China exceeds demand in recent years and there is a strong competition in this sector.

"But there is still great demanding in big size sling chain and related facilities, especially in big project such as city infrastructures, major bridges, highway, express train, and wind farms."

According to PCC, the Chinese government is paying "more and more attention" to the safety and has issued increasing legislation, laws and regulations.

"We focus on the principle of "Safety Is Priority" and abides by any national laws, committees to provide products meeting national or international standard upon requirement, never lowers any specification and quality.