In 2006, OMZ agreed to launch production of long-cycle equipment for nuclear power plants in anticipation of orders under the Federal Programme. Financing was undertaken by Gazprombank, the company’s strategic financial partner. OMZ’s decision was aimed at significantly reducing time required for the programme’s implementation.

In June 2007, Izhorskiye Zavody OJSC, a part of OMZ, signed contracts with EMAalyans-Atom OJSC and ZiO-Podolsk OJSC for the production and supply of equipment for Novovoronezh NPP-2.

The contracts provide for the production of two sets of basic equipment for a VVER-1150 reactor unit, the basic reactor unit intended for use in the NPP-2006 model reactor project. The equipment includes reactor vessels, steam generator frames, in-vessel components of more than 3,500t in total.

Construction of the unit, which began in June 2007, will be a pilot project for the NPP-2006 Federal Project undertaken under the Federal Programme of Development of Russia’s Nuclear Energy Industrial Complex. The unit is expected to be put into operation in 2012, and the second unit will be operational in 2013.