JD Neuhaus, the German manufacturer of pneumatic hoists, has completed a special 80t BOP (blow out prevention) handling system for an offshore drilling ship.

The monorail system, which comprises a pair of EH40 air hoists operating in tandem, has been adapted to compensate for wave motion in rough seas. Rack and pinion drives prevent the trolley wheels from slipping when the ship pitches or rolls on the waves. The trolley also has a suspension to dampen side swings of up to 5.7° and limits the load swing. In the event of a power failure, or very turbulent conditions, the load can be lowered to a safe position using the gear transmission system to provide a controlled descent. A manual brake release lever has been added to allow controlled load lowering in bad conditions without the need for hand controls or a power supply. The contractor was Norway-based Aker Maritime Hydraulics.