NCS 2010 is to be held at the Elite Park Hotel, Växjö, Sweden on 19-20 October, and follows on from NCS 2008.

NCS 2008 covered different problems posed by cranes; presentations of gearboxes, backup brakes and steel wire rope; presentations of national requirements from Germany, UK, France and the US; and case studies from the World Association of Nuclear Operators, Chernobyl and of heavy lifting at other nuclear facilities.

Around 60 lifting technology experts and end users from two continents attended NCS 2008, KIKA said, and requested the two-day seminar be staged again.

KIKA, a Swedish and Finnish network specially directed towards lifting processes within the nuclear power industry or other operations where nuclear material is lifted, said NCS 2010 will cover, among other things, modernisation of existing cranes, standardisation of cranes to ISO/CEN standards, and experiences and information from different authorities.

Presentations will be delivered by representatives from Konecranes, Noell, PaR Nuclear and other companies, KIKA said.

“With the ever increasing intensity of the debate and insight into global warming, nuclear power has again become an interesting alternative to the use of fossil fuels,” said KIKA. “This increase in interest entails an increased focus on nuclear power and the safety issues surrounding it.

“We all belong to the same industry, have the same risks, the same problems and at basics, use the same techniques. However, there are different working methods, different solutions and, to a certain extent, different approaches. This is true regardless of the phases our plants are going through at the present time, whether it is new installation, management or modernisation.

“Can we suffer or endure a major lifting accident? The answer is no. We know from experience that we are affected by what happens to each other.”

Registration details and the programme will be available from the NCS 2010 website,, from the end of May.