The Port added that it “does not expect major disruption in its operations as a result of this incident.”

The Zhen Hua 23, which is delivering the three new cranes will be transferred to Trinity Terminal where work will commence on unloading. Thereafter, Landguard Terminal will re-open to shipping lines on a limited basis.

The Port can confirm the two cranes that sustained the damage were “existing equipment” at Landguard Terminal.

Two cranes collapsed after the vessel delivering three new gantry container cranes to the UK port broke free of its moorings in high winds.

Reports on Ridgebrook Ventures said the semi-submersible Zhen Hua 23, with a total of five new cranes on board, made contact with the dockside of Felixstowe’s Landguard Terminal while operations at the south east port had been suspended due to 80mph gusts sweeping the area. Nobody was injured during the incident.

It is understood that a bulk crane on board the Zhen Hua 23 made contact with the number two Landguard crane, causing it to collapse. A second Languard crane collapsed soon after.

The accident echoes of an incident in early February when a ZPMC crane carrier, the Zhen Hua 10, was grounded overnight off Rotterdam in high winds, again, with five new gantry cranes on board.