Together with a hoisting force of 41kN on the first layer, the TC 3 version is most beneficial for applications such as loading cranes or drilling equipment.

Even in marine applications under extreme operating conditions, the stainless steel drum seal sleeves offer adequate protection.

Also new is the Titan TC 5 range with a hoisting force of 57kN on the first layer. The TC 5 completes the range and is especially suitable for heavy truck loader cranes, mobile or marine cranes.

The new TC 3 and TC 5 winches introduce “innovative technical highlights,” for example, a unique integrated axial piston motor offering, what it called, “smooth hoisting performance.”

As with all Titan winches, the optional Rotzler MCD monitoring system (measuring control device), will also be available for the Titan TC 3 and Titan TC 5. The innovative MCD system permanently monitors the winch hoisting torque. The output signal can be easily integrated into the control system of the machine, thus enabling compliance to the latest European Standards.

The signal delivered from the MCD may be used for a variety of applications, such as programming of overload safeguards, winch shutdown on identifying end of rope, connection of a visual load display or output of acoustic warning signals.