Electric chain hoists normally have to be equipped with two separate DC injection brakes to meet the superior standards and be authorised to hold loads above a stage. People are allowed to pass below hoists meeting BGV-D8 Plus once the load has been raised, while those matching BGV-C1 can be operated above a populated stage during a show.

The ROBA-secustop twin brake is available in three torque sizes from 2 x 4Nm to 2 x 16Nm, Mayr said a compact, closed design makes it easier to handle and fit. The working clearance is preset and does not require any subsequent adjustment, meaning malfunctions due to misuse or incorrect adjustment are excluded by construction according to Mayr.

ROBA-secustop brakes also feature integrated soundproofing to reduce operating noise. To ensure maximum operating safety and reliability, each brake undergoes full factory inspection after assembly and prior to delivery. Mayr added ROBA-secustop brakes are practically maintenance-free, with maintenance work limited to inspection of the friction linings.