The new size allows for workflows between 0 litres/min and 25 litres/min and means Escala valves now allow for workflows ranging from 0 litres/min to 60 litres/min, as well as working pressures of up to 310 bar. The valves are made based on NG4 (flow up to 25 litres/min) and NG6 (flow up to 60 litres/min) technology and compared to standard CETOP (the European fluid power committee) solutions, are scalable and avoid sub-plates. Users can also expand the number of sections needed as new services are introduced on the machine.

The system allows for sections with integrated load sensing; integrated functions like check valves, relief valves and counterbalance valves; emergency hand levers; and integrated emergency hand pumps. The valves come zinc-plated for mobile use and in a variety of portings and coil connections.

“Thanks to scalable logic and range wideness the Escala valves make it possible for Bosch Rexroth to offer compact and customised function assemblies using standard components, with obvious cost advantages and no sacrifice on the performance side,” the company said.