New load-turning device provides safer material handling

2 May 2011

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Vetter Krantechnik’s Rotomax load turning device installed for fabricator Fronberg Guss will be used to lift and rotate heavy moulding boxes weighing up to 50t.

When equipped with different chains that allow its use as a lifting beam, the Rotomax unit installed in Schwandorf can lift loads of up to 80t.

Featuring two endless chains, which are secured around the trunnions of the moulding boxes using driving dogs, the Rotomax lifts the moulding boxes and feeds the chains through parallel drive wheels at the same speed to effect a controlled reorientation of the load.

A spokesman for Fronberg Guss, Jurgen Rath, said: “The equipment is a great boon to us because the working process, and safety at work, have been considerably improved."

Drive wheels on the Rotomax are adjustable so that the distance between them can vary from 2500mm to 7500mm dependent on the load, and parallel operation helps to distribute the load evenly during the operation.

Vetter Krantechnik say the Rotomax is intended to provide a safe, proven solution for load turning operations.

Rotomax systems are also available with capacities of up to 150t.

50t moulding box being rotated by the Rotomax load turning device 50t moulding box being rotated by the Rotomax load turning device