The hoists were also developed for safe operation, with features including a block-operated limit switch, adjustable geared limit switch, motor temperature control and overload protection.

They are also suitable for applications with limited space, with a low-headroom trolley suitable for monorail runways and single-girder overhead travelling cranes. The YK and SK are assembled in Wadesboro, North Carolina, with German-made components and are available with short lead times, says Columbus McKinnon.

Carlos Bassa, global product manager for wire rope hoists, said: “The new YK and SK hoists feature a modular system that allows you to easily configure and design a hoist solution to your exact application needs. With a wide range of lifting capacities from 1t to 10t and three frame sizes, these units can be used everywhere from equipment production lines to warehousing facilities.”

Columbus McKinnon has also expanded its range of CM Hurricane 360° hand chain hoists to include 15t and 20t capacity models, as well as full line of army-type integrated trolley models, says the company.

The CM Hurricane has a 360° rotating hand chain cover that allows the operator to lift and position loads from virtually any angle, says the company.

Andre Schon, senior global product manager for manual hoist products, said: “Because of its unique design, the CM Hurricane is the ideal hand chain hoist when working in tight spaces, above the load, in drifting applications and when the operator needs to maintain a safe distance when handling a load. Now, with the addition of higher-capacity units and integrated trolley models, we have made this one-of-a-kind hoist more versatile than ever.”

The new army-type, integrated trolley CM Hurricane hoists feature a compact, low-headroom design that provides more flexibility in applications with low ceilings or limited space. These are available as plain or geared models, and have reduced side clearances and end approach to assist manoeuvring heavy loads in tight spaces.