New condition monitored load pin

17 September 2012

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A new load pin that allows users to monitor its status while in operation has been developed by a Swiss load monitoring and motion control equipment manufacturer.

Magtrol says the LE 500 Series Load Pin's compact design is ideal for use with cranes, hoists and winches in a variety of outdoor environments, including harsh marine applications.

Constructed in compliance with the latest electromagnetic compatibility and immunity regulations (EMC/EMI), the pin's strain gauge technology incorporates a built-in test equipment (BITE) module that relays the condition of the load pin and whether it has short-circuited or overloaded.

Nine versions of the LE 500 are available with measuring ranges from 5 to 1250kN. Custom designs for load pins and load cells are available for forces of up to 5,000kN along with X,Y redundant versions.