The hoists incorporate a range of features as standard, including an up/down electrical safety limit switch, an IP55 hoist and travel motor, a two-button pendant for hook suspended hoist/manual trolley or a four-button pendant for a hoist with electric trolley, and a new suspender compatible with existing trolleys designed to enable hoist installation. The reduction of ‘C’ dimensions optimises the height of lift, says Verlinde, which has a proposed standard from 3m.

The new chain bucket design features an innovative two-part assembly, which increases the toughness and safety of the hoist; the travel limit switch has also been redesigned to operate in difficult environments, and the hoist brake has been optimised. As well as improving operator safety, these benefits also reduce maintenance and servicing.

The hoist motor has also been enhanced, with improvements made to reliability and lifespan, with a better flow of cooling air to the motor and overheat sensors fitted as standard. The gear box is now more powerful, with a wider range of ratios enabling it to align to a broader scope of end-use applications, as well as improving productivity. Torque limiter settings have been made more precise to offer greater security to the structure of buildings in the event of excess weight being loaded.