Kito Cranes’ European subsidiary has released the TK series of heavy-duty beam clamps to the market, which is currently available for capacities between 1-10t.

According to Kito Europe the clamps are compatible with a varied range of beam flanges, and feature specially designed jaws that spread the load over a wide area of the beam to reduce localised stress.

Designed with a self-centreing shaft, the clamp features a shackle that can be used to suspend a load that allows a pulling angle of up to 45° without a reduction in the working load limit. This shackle can also be pivoted away to allow for direct connection to the load hook.

Aimed at customers working in heavy construction, plant maintenance, power generation, shipbuilding, steel fabrication and offshore sectors, Kito Europe also offers two flange? ranges for the 3t and 5t models of the TK beam clamp series.