Nationwide Platforms launches HireTracker

3 May 2024

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Nationwide Platforms, a UK’s provider of powered access for working at height, has launched a tracking service called HireTracker.

HireTracker allows a customer to track their hire through every stage of the rental process, with a live tracking link that remains active from the moment the order is placed all the way up until the machine has been collected at the end of its hire period.

A customer can check-in on a delivery at any time by clicking on the link, which will direct them to a screen displaying real-time updates on the progress of the hire.

The tracking system is something Nationwide Platforms’ customers have requested via customer feedback in the past. Many clients reported that more accurate delivery timings would enable them to plan projects more efficiently, which in turn would boost productivity across the industry as a whole.

“We make every effort to take on board customer feedback, and HireTracker is a direct answer to many customer requests,” said Daniel Smith, COO, Nationwide Platforms.

“Knowing the precise arrival time of a machine enables you to plan your day more efficiently. You’re no longer left waiting around all day, nor are you forced to rearrange your schedule for a vague delivery window. Instead, through real-time updates and accurate delivery estimates, HireTracker empowers you to make informed decisions about how to best manage your time and resources. Whether your machine is being dispatched or only a few doors away, you’ll be the first to know.”

Customers who already have a machine out on hire when HireTracker goes live won’t miss out as orders that are midway through being prepared can receive HireTracker updates as soon as the system is online.

With HireTracker, there is a guaranteed three-hour delivery window. As with other courier systems, once the hire is out for delivery, customers can see the driver’s location in real-time. In addition, the tracking system informs the customer when they are the next stop away, as well as when the delivery has been made and the machine is ready to be used.

HireTracker works on collections too, meaning a customer can also use the same system to ensure their machine has been picked up by the courier.