Located in Colorado, US, Pure Cycle is a vertically integrated water and wastewater resource development company. As a vertically integrated company, it also owns and manages a full ecosystem of facilities needed to withdraw, store, treat, deliver and collect water and wastewater. The company’s goal is to provide sustainable, high-quality water to its customers and make prudent use of reclaimed water for outdoor irrigation and industrial demands.

Sky Ranch Water Reclamation Facility is its latest, $10m, state-of-the-art water reclamation facility. Completed in 2020, it serves Sky Ranch, a master-planned community providing residential, commercial, retail, and light industrial lots along Denver’s booming I-70 corridor. The facility uses the latest green technology, which includes dispensing highly treated reclaimed water for irrigation and other uses. Green roofing will cover 90% of the main plant; in fact, green energy is a constant theme, including within the maintenance department.

Pure Cycle is using a battery-powered M1 Model from Microcranes for various maintenance lifting tasks throughout the plant, including, pulling pumps out of basins. Microcranes says the compact, flexible mini crane requires no fuel, emits zero fumes and has low sound levels. It can also be transported on truck beds, trailers, through 36in doorways, inside elevators, up stairwells combined with stair climbing solutions, and can be hoisted by larger cranes up onto rooftops using hoist rings. The ISO 9001-certified model is rated at 2,000lbs (905kg) and has a hook height of 20ft 3in (6.1m). It is 30in (762mm) wide and weighs 1,800lbs (816kg). Microcranes states that no operator licence is required.

“The tightness of the working areas make it difficult to get people in place safely for manual lifts. The Microcrane allows us to accomplish maintenance tasks with ease and with only one person!” said Mike Dean, lead wastewater operator/lab manager at Pure Cycle.

Microcranes is a portable mini crane producer in the US that provides indoor and outdoor green energy lifting solutions to a variety of industries. Since 2008, it says it has been focused on offering “American-made quality mini cranes at an affordable price”.