The top of the line KKT manual chain hoist provides a lift capacity of 0.5-20t and is “constructed entirely of steel to withstand the harsh environments of construction and maintenance applications,” it said.

The KM series II manual chain hoist, meanwhile, offers a 0.25-10t capacity, “allowing for versatile lifting capabilities and overall efficiency.” The machined chain sprocket and gears provide smoother, more efficient operation while the overload limiting device helps prevent lifting loads beyond rated capacity, except a 0.25t unit.

The top of the line KLP lever puller provides a 0.75-6t capacity and uses a “smooth free wheel operation for an easy chain adjustment when rigging the load. The compact and lightweight design of this hoist makes it extremely versatile.” For example, Konecranes added, it can operate in tight quarters with a 360 degree handle rotation and a 15 degree handle recovery stroke.

Featuring a 0.25-3t capacity range, the KL manual lever puller is “perfect for standard lifts,” according to Konecranes. Features include a high strength grade 80 alloy steel load chain and a dual pawl Weston-style brake, which come as standard with lift height of 5ft, and a 360 degree handle rotation and rubber grip. The brake of the KL lever puller is enclosed to provide protection against dirt, hooks are heat-treated alloy steel and equipped with hook latches and inspection points, and is constructed of steel with a chrome finish.

Available accessories include the KBC beam clamp with versatile jaws designed for hanging a top hook hoist to mount to a range of tapered or flat beams; the KPT manual push trolley designed for both manual and electric top hook hoists; and the KPTC manual hand geared trolley with a 1-5t capacity.