Rick Pieper, maintenance manager, Linwood Mining and Minerals Corp, explained that due to an increase in demand for its calcium and lime products, its mining has been extended to an underground operation and the company introduced new equipment and technology to accommodate the expansion and meet customer needs.

The newly installed pipe rack provides additional ventilation for the kilns, and the shed will support a future conveyor belt in order to improve efficiency.

Mammoet provided a gantry and a slide system as opposed to assembling two large cranes, which would have been more costly and time consuming.

Using climbing jacks, Mammoet jacked up the pipe rack weighing 298 MT (656,000 lbs.) with an overall length of 75 meters (245 ft) and width of 5.5 meters (18 ft). It also  used two self-propelled Goldhofer trailers, 10 axle-lines each, with turn tables and the pipe rack.

Adjacent to the loaded trailers, a 700t gantry system was assembled, and the pipe rack was maneuvered beneath. The load was lifted with the gantry, lowered down onto falsework, rigging changed and picked up again to final height and slid over the foundation and set.

Mammoet used a combination of local labor and Mammoet specialized labor, including one Mammoet ironworker and two local ironworkers.