The S-series overhead crane follows on from the Konecranes CXT crane as the industry standard, said Konecranes, and includes standard features such as variable speed control for all movements, and Adaptive Speed Range, which adjusts the maximum lifting speed according to the weight of the load for safer and more efficient use. It also uses synthetic rope, with a newly-designed reeving arrangement that reduces wheel load impact by up to 45%.

The S-series incorporates Konecranes’s ‘Smart Features’ such as Follow Me, Hook Centering, and Snag Prevention, which improve operator safety. It also offers access to the ‘yourKonecranes’ customer portal through which digital services can be accessed, such as the usage and operating data platform Truconnect.

The M-series cranes, for heavy lifting applications, feature what is designed to be the most compact and modular heavy-duty winch from Konecranes. Using Core of Lifting components and a modular design, the system can be configured to fulfil the needs of various production processes, says the manufacturer, while a redesigned layout of the winch’s components and machinery support system eliminates component alignment errors that can occur in conventional winches. The M-series also offer Konecranes’s Smart Features.

The C-series is a new range of electrical chain hoists, combining precise and reliable Core of Lifting components with a redesigned motor cooling system that offers up to 50% longer runtime compared to the previous generation, and a brake that is built to last for over a million operations. Safety features such as the operating limit switch and safety clutch have been enhanced for better performance and reliability, adds Konecranes.

 “Today’s launches reflect the strength and depth of our expanded portfolio following the MHPS acquisition, as well as our continued momentum in streamlining the number of product platforms we have, and they will bolster our market leadership in the years to come,” said Konecranes CEO Panu Routila.